Larry Grathwohl’s 1976 Blockbuster Story Available Again

Bringing Down America Book Cover

In 1969, Larry Grathwohl stepped out of his life and became, according to Time magazine, “the only FBI informant known to have successfully penetrated the Weather Underground.”

For a year, Grathwohl ran with America’s most dangerous radicals.  He watched them plan bombings, murders, and political assassinations.  He moved in a world of Maoist brainwashing, drugs, and enforced sexual experimentation, with a gang of thugs dedicated to bringing down America.

This book was first published in 1976.  At the time, nobody could have imagined that the criminal leaders of the Weather Underground would elude punishment and rise to positions of authority in American public life.  But today, they are influential professors, national leaders in K – 12 education “reform,” and advisors to President Obama’s Recovery Act.

Grathwohl’s story is now more important than ever.  He exposes the network of American radicals, international terrorists, clergymen, journalists, and college professors who helped the Weathermen elude capture and continue to help in the cover-up of their crimes.  On one occasion, his quick action averted the bombing of a Detroit police station – just one story you will find in this book that the former leaders of the Weather Underground would like to keep buried.

10 thoughts on “Larry Grathwohl’s 1976 Blockbuster Story Available Again

  1. I have alot of friends inquiring about the re release. They want to know which Ebook venues it’s coming out on, i.e., KINDLE, NOOK etc.

    I want to help you get the word out because this is a story that every Amercian needs to read about.

  2. This book’s time has come and I will be telling everyone to get the book” Bringing Down America, so Larry can stay on top of “The Weather Underground” and all of their evil deeds in spite of the propaganda movie by Robert Redford’s released this week!! Breaking News Journal Feature Films is in the planning stages to develop a movie with Larry in it.

  3. Read the book in 76 and couldn’t believe all that was written…I am now a true believer and vow to make the necessary changes in our REPUBLIC!
    Thanks for the new printing, Nancy

  4. God Bless you always Larry. Our family is heartbroken. We will never forget you, kind, good, brave hero. Rest in Peace <3

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