Larry Grathwohl R.I.P.

We just heard the terrible news that Larry has passed away in his home in Cincinnati.

God Bless and God Speed.


3 thoughts on “Larry Grathwohl R.I.P.

  1. Larry was a hero for what he accomplished in those decidedly turbulent times and every day since…

    Through his patriotic/heroic efforts he exposed the Weather Underground and the elites of academia who agreed with Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dohrn.

    My God, to accomplish what he did for love of country knowing the Marxists HATED our great Republic…and were willing to bring Her down in any way they could- without conscience, considering us expendable in that pursuit-took GUTS.

    Good Lord, for him so witness the rise to power of these same individuals who STILL are Marxist, STILL hate our Nation? Spurred him on to even greater efforts to thwart them.

    May you rest in peace in His loving presence…


  2. I’m listening to Larry speak with Andrew Wilkow on Sirius XM right now. Apparently the rumors of Larry’s demise are premature.

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