Remembering Larry Grathwohl: Correcting Injustice . . . and the Historical Record

Unknown-1All over the internet, people are remembering Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground for the FBI and prevented them from killing people, at the risk of his own life.  Larry passed away July 18, 2013, and we all miss him.  Below you’ll find links to the many tributes to Larry.  The next post on this blog features Larry’s daughters, Denise and Lindsay, commemorating their father.

But we’re also disappointed by the lies Fox News’ Megyn Kelly allowed Bill Ayers to spout about Larry and other issues on her recent, highly-promoted “celebrity interview” with Ayers.

We are grateful to everyone who is helping us correct the record about the real reign of bombings, murder, and attempted murder committed by Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeff Jones, Judge Eleanor Raskin (neé Stein), Mark Rudd, and the other assorted criminals of the Weather Underground.

Interviews with Larry and other materials detailing the Weather Underground’s record of violence can be found at America’s Survival, where Cliff Kincaid hosts Justice for Victims of the Weather Underground, a project dedicated to bringing the Weathermen to trial for their crimes.

Cliff also has three important posts about Larry this week:

Mary Grabar has a wonderful tribute to Larry at TownhallRemembering an American Hero a Year Later.  She also blogs about Larry at DissidentProf.

Dennis Fuller has created a Wikipedia page for Larry!  Dennis writes:

I’m a friend of Mary Grabar. She had Larry send me an autographed copy of “Bringing Down America” weeks before he died.  In honor of Larry,  I created a Wikipedia page for him, as he did not have one before. Please ask everyone to enhance Larry’s Wikipedia article by adding a picture of him and any other links to pertinent articles.

In Trouble at Radical U, Chicago cop and author Martin Prieb writes about the corruption of academia by people like Bernardine Dohrn and her colleague David Protess, the Northwestern University journalism professor who was forced to resign after promoting fabricated claims about police brutality and false confession in order to get a killer released from prison.  In this article dedicated to Larry Grathwohl, who risked his life to prevent the Weather Underground from carrying out missions to kill soldiers and police, Prieb shows how academia today is helping fan the flames of cop-hatred by employing people like Bernardine Dohrn.

Jim Simpson writes about heroism, Larry’s military service and Megyn Kelly’s misrepresentation of the record at the Remembering Larry Grathwohl.

Judy McLeod has a great article about Larry at Canada Free PressThe Heroic Courage of Larry Grathwohl Transcends Fox News.

Our friend Matthew Vadum cites Larry in Frontpage Magazine: The Obama Administration’s Homeland Security Hypocrisy

Larry’s good friend Ruth White remembers him at Breaking News Journal.

Trevor Loudon, who is currently touring the States and making a movie, blogs about Larry at NewZeal.

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