More on the Weather Underground

Government Hearings and Documents

News Stories on the Weather Underground (1969 – 1979)

Before the media became enamored of the Weathermen, reporting about their violent crimes looked very different than it does today.

Looking Back: Modern Journalists on the Weathermen

Since emerging from hiding, former members of the Weather Underground have found many allies eager to help them whitewash their pasts.  Other journalists are working to correct such propagandistic celebration of Weatherman.  The following stories are presented in chronological order.  Interestingly, some of the most critical stories are from traditionally liberal sources.

Weather Underground Manifestos, Communiqués, and Publications

The Weathermen imitated their Marxist and terrorist heroes by issuing self-important, rambling manifestos.  These hate-filled rants against Americans reveal them for what they really were: not anti-war activists, but dupes for foreign extremists seeking to overthrow democracy here and abroad.

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  • Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn
  • Mark Rudd
  • Jeff Jones and Eleanor Raskin
  • Other Weathermen

Documentaries and Other Propaganda

  • Weatherman 1975
  • Weather Underground 2003
  • PBS’ pro-Weatherman Lesson Plans
  • The Spy Museum’s Pro-Dohrn Exhibit
  • The Company You Keep 2013

Mary Grabar on Bill Ayers’ Academic Radicalism

Unsolved Crimes and Victims of the Weather Underground

  • Murder of police officer in San Francisco
  • Detroit bombings
  • NYPDHQ bombing

The Bomb Lab Mystery

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